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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

This is a fantastic article written by Shane Krider, Born to Prosper.

"There’s loads of information out there on the law of attraction. Read about how you can harness it through a simple formula, and apply it in every area of your life. You will see a significant change instantly!"

"I became a student of personal development in 1998 and it transformed my life. I went from an unhappy, unhealthy guy, struggling on a $36K annual salary, to being a successful entrepreneur earning $55K a month. I’d never received big results in my life. But something changed in my mindset to allow this success to happen. I realized beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies. To learn a bit more about me go here.

Thoughts are thing. I changed the way I was thinking, which changed the decisions I was making, and it created a paradigm shift. But even more than that, it changed my vibration.

If you are living with a pessimistic mindset, believing you’re a victim of circumstance, that what’s happening in your life is beyond your control, then you will vibrate at a lower level. You then attract people and events, which are on a similar level of vibration. You will be at the effect of your life. You are a not doing anything to change your situation, everything is just happening to you.

If you generally have an optimistic outlook, and see life through that positive lens, you are vibrating on a higher level. You will attract people, results and opportunities that are aligned with your mindset. You are the cause of what’s happening around you and the results that follow.

Here is a simple formula I utilized to harness the law of attraction and change my life.

Step One – Open your mind

Cut the cord with your old mindset that was limiting you, making you believe you can’t control your circumstances. Change your vibration and invest in the practice that your thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies. When I took a look at my life from this perspective, I realised I was the one creating a lot of what I didn’t like going on around me. The step of deciding to change it instantly made me feel better, happier, lighter.

Step Two – Look around you and find some evidence

Train yourself to see opportunity. Find a person who has achieved what you want, and investigate how they did it. Focus on that. Not the stories of those who have failed. This will raise your vibration level, and you’ll start attracting the people, lessons and opportunities that align with the goal you’re striving for. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

Step Three – Gratitude

If you take the time to be grateful for things in your life, no matter what your current mood is, this automatically makes you feel better and raises your vibration. You can’t hold two thoughts at once, you think you can, but not completely. And if you start thinking about what you’re grateful for, it immediately takes you out of your negative slump. Try it when you’re frustrated and in a bad mood. You won’t want to, because misery loves company, but you should. You owe it to yourself.

I live by these three steps. My game plan for life is to start every day with the intent to continuously raise my vibration. I’m living my life on purpose, I am the cause of what’s happening around me, and by doing this I find more courage, boldness and more patience. And ultimately this leads to success!

Be the change you want to see in the world. Take it from me, it’s an awesome way to live."

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